Boss Man

  • Koch

  • Originally Recorded in 1970 for Epic,
    Billy Sherrill, producer

• Available from Tower Records

There are a number of reasons why Boss Man (1970), which concludes the trilogy of great, if underappreciated, Epic albums Charlie Rich released before hitting paydirt with Behind Closed Doors, should have clicked with listeners nationwide. First, Charlie Rich, singing and playing and writing with unbridled conviction. Second, Billy Sherrill producing in an uncharacteristically understated fashion that further allowed Charlie to shine. Third, a cast of fine supporting musicians offering strong, laid-back performances reminiscent of heyday Memphis soul. Four, okay, let’s face it, the eclectic mix of genres that embodies the soul of Charlie, allowed here to come up for air. Need a few more reasons? Eleven more are listed below.

  1. Nice ‘N’ Easy

  2. Have A Heart **

  3. Down On The River *

  4. I Can’t Even Drink It Away *

  5. Memphis and Arkansas Bridge *

  6. Big Boss Man

  1. Hello Darlin’

  2. Golden Slipper Rose

  3. I’ll Be More Than Happy
    (To Set You Free) *

  4. My Joy

  5. I Do My Swingin’ At Home

*written by Charlie Rich
**written by Margaret Ann Rich


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