Set Me Free

  • Koch

  • Originally Recorded in 1967-1968 for Epic,
    Billy Sherrill, producer

• Available from Tower Records

Think of Set Me Free as Part I in a trilogy of Charlie Rich’s most underappreciated country albums. It’s an intimate affair recorded for Epic in 1967-68 not long after Charlie was signed by the man who had served as Sun Records’ Nashville studio engineer, Billy Sherrill. Since leaving Sun, Charlie had bounced from Groove to Smash to Hi in search of success to equal his staggering talents. What he got with Set Me Free was a warm, intimate recording that once again proved the elusiveness of popular success as it caught the attention of critics. Among the gems are Margaret Ann Rich’s melancholic "That’s The Day (You Said You’d Stop Loving Me)," and a tender reprise of a little known 1940 song, "I Miss You So." Set Me Free may not have achieved the enviable success for which they both had hoped, but Charlie and Billy had taken a musically eclectic step down a path that one day would climb to unthinkable heights.

  1. Set Me Free

  2. By The Time I Get To Phoenix

  3. The Proudest, Loneliest Fool

  4. I Miss You So

  5. Just Like Old Times

  6. Try a Little Tenderness

  1. H2O

  2. Very Much Alone

  3. I’ll Just Go Away *

  4. That’s The Day (You Said You’d Stop Loving Me) **

  5. Got To See My Baby

*written by Charlie Rich
**written by Margaret Ann Rich


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