Big Boss Man (The Groove Sessions)

  • Koch

  • Recording Dates 1963-1965, Chet Atkins, producer

• Available from Tower Records

Big Boss Man is the one Charlie Rich CD that comfortably resides in the PopRockCountryR&B section of your local music store. Okay, so it doesn’t fit nicely in any category. Isn’t that the beauty of Charlie Rich? Upon leaving Sun Records in the early 1960’s, Charlie landed at RCA’s Groove subsidiary where he turned out a number of minor classics. The propulsive "Big Boss Man" is as fine a song as any he’s recorded, while "River Stay Away From My Door" has a loungey insouciance that’s nigh impossible to resist. The Rich standards "Let Me Go My Merry Way," a passionate appeal in blues, and the countrified "The Grass Is Always Greener" also make their first appearance. The most surprising cut is Charlie’s take on "Ol’ Man River," on which Charlie’s swinging vocals upstage any broadway version you’re likely to have heard. Also included on the CD are five bonus tracks. It all adds up to an essential CD in the Charlie Rich ouevre.

  1. Big Boss Man

  2. River Stay Away From My Door

  3. Big Jack

  4. Mountain Dew *

  5. She Loved Everybody But Me

  6. Let Me Go My Merry Way *

  7. Ol’ Man River

  8. The Grass Is Always Greener **

  9. The Ways Of A Woman In Love ***

  1. Why, Oh Why *

  2. Rosanna Now *

  3. Are You Still My Baby *

  4. I Don’t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore

  5. Now Everybody Knows

  6. Tomorrow Night

  7. Share Your Love With Me

  8. I’m Right Behind You *

*written by Charlie Rich
**written by Charlie Rich and Margaret Ann Rich
***written by Charlie Rich and Bill Justice


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