Charlie Rich The Sun Sessions

  • Varese Sarabande

  • Originally Recorded in 1958-1963 for Sun Records Sam Phillips, Bill Justis & Charles Underwood, producers

• Available from Tower Records

Every song on this widely-available Sun Records compilation is a testament to the enormous talent of Charlie Rich. Case in point: With the exception of Charlie’s first recorded song, "Whirlwind," all of the other 17 songs were written by Charlie. And there’s not a weak one among ‘em. Need more proof? Just listen to his stellar vocals on "Who Will the Next Fool Be." This CD is packed with great moments. Ranging from the Top 40 hit "Lonely Weekends" to the smart pop sensibilities of "Goodbye Mary Ann" and the declamatory blues of "No Headstone On My Grave," Charlie Rich The Sun Sessions is the solid choice for those who want the very best of Charlie’s Sun years on a single CD.

  1. Whirlwind

  2. Philadelphia Baby *

  3. Rebound **

  4. Break Up *

  5. My Baby Done Left Me *

  6. Lonely Weekends *

  7. Everything I Do Is Wrong *

  8. Gonna Be Waiting *

  9. Who Will The Next Fool Be *

  1. Caught In The Middle *

  2. Just A Little Bit Sweet *

  3. Midnite Blues *

  4. Easy Money *

  5. Goodbye Mary Ann *

  6. Sittin’ And Thinkin’ *

  7. Finally Found Out *

  8. There Won’t Be Anymore *

  9. No Headstone On My Grave *


*written by Charlie Rich
**written by Charlie Rich and Bill Justis


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