Feel Like Going Home: The Essential Charlie Rich

  • Epic/Legacy

  • Peter Guralnick, Jeff Jones & Robert Sheridan, executive producers, Lawrence Cohn, CD producer

• Available from Tower Records

There’s no better place to begin an appreciation for the enormous, diverse talents of Charlie Rich than this thoughtfully produced CD of many of Charlie’s greatest musical moments. The 36 songs on the collection introduce the listener to each of Charlie’s bright eras with songs from Sun, Groove, Hi, Smash, Epic, and Sire. Included are all the greatest hits you’d expect to be here ("Behind Closed Doors," "The Most Beautiful Girl," "Lonely Weekends,""Mohair Sam"), a wonderful mix of often overlooked gems ("Who Will The Next Fool Be," "River, Stay ‘Way From My Door") and, yes, a few miracles only a talent as fully realized as Charlie’s could have wrought ("No Home," "Pictures and Paintings,"and the glorious solo demo of "Feel Like Going Home"). Liner notes feature a special word from Margaret Ann Rich and reflections from Sam Phillips and long-time devotee, Peter Guralnick. Absolutely essential!

Disc One

  1. Lonely Weekends *

  2. Break Up *

  3. Who Will The Next Fool Be *

  4. Sittin’ and Thinkin’ *

  5. There’s Another Place I Can’t Go

  6. Let Me Go My Merry Way *

  7. River, Stay ‘Way From My Door

  8. There Won’t Be Anymore *

  9. Big Boss Man

  10. Mohair Sam

  11. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water

  12. A Field of Yellow Daisies **

  13. Down and Out **

  14. You Can Have Her

  15. No Home *

  16. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby

  17. The Milky White Way ***

  18. Feel Like Going Home (demo) *

Disc Two

  1. Set Me Free

  2. Stay *

  3. I Almost Lost My Mind

  4. I Miss You So

  5. Your Place Is Here With Me *

  6. Nice ‘N’ Easy

  7. Why, Oh Why *

  8. Don’t Put No Headstone On My Grave *

  9. Have A Heart **

  10. Peace On You *

  11. You Never Really Wanted Me *

  12. A Woman Left Lonely

  13. Life’s Little Ups and Downs **

  14. Behind Closed Doors

  15. The Most Beautiful Girl

  16. Since I Fell For You

  17. Pictures and Paintings

  18. Feel Like Going Home *

*written by Charlie Rich
**written by Margaret Ann Rich
***written by Charlie Rich and Billy Sherrill


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