Behind Closed Doors

  • Epic

  • Billy Sherrill, producer

• Available from Tower Records

This is it. This is the album with the smash hits "Behind Closed Doors" and "The Most Beautiful Girl" that garnered every imaginable award on the planet. Few albums approach the surprise commercial success Charlie received with this one upon its release in 1973. If you think this is a CD you can pass on simply because you’ve heard the hits, oh, about a billion times, you probably ought to reconsider. Several of Charlie’s most touching songs are couched among the countrypolitan sensibilities: "A Sunday Kind of Woman" is a soft-spoken homage to Charlie’s woman, written by Charlie’s woman (Margaret Ann), while "You Never Really Wanted Me" is, quite simply, a precious testimony to heartbreak.

  1. Behind Closed Doors

  2. If You Wouldn’t Be My Lady

  3. You Never Really Wanted Me *

  4. A Sunday Kind of Woman **

  5. Peace On You *

  6. The Most Beautiful Girl

  1. I Take It On Home

  2. ‘Til I Can’t Take It Anymore

  3. We Love Each Other

  4. I’m Not Going Hungry Anymore

  5. Nothing In The World (To Do With Me) **

*written by Charlie Rich
**written by Margaret Ann Rich


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