Ultimately there are really only two ways to measure musical success. Either a song connects with the public on a grand scale or it is acknowledged by critics for its substance. Sure it’s great when a critically acclaimed work is embraced by the record buying public, but it doesn’t happen as often as one might think.

While Charlie’s most popular songs were never short on quality, take "The Most Beautiful Girl" for instance, we’ve divvied up his greatest songs, his "richest" songs if you will, into two categories. Platinum and Gold, Etc. provides a list of Charlie’s songs that made it into the charts. Precious Gems are underappreciated songs that belong in a most special category: they deserve to be listened to time and again.

Platinum and Gold, Etc.

The Silver Fox had a slew of memorable songs that were awarded their due recognition with a spot in the charts. Here’s a few, along with the year of issue and the highest chart position attained:

  • "Behind Closed Doors" (1973) Country #1

  • "I Don’t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore" Country

  • "I Take It On Home"

  • "Lonely Weekends" (1959) Pop #22

  • "Mohair Sam" (1965)

  • "Nice ‘n’ Easy" (1970) Country #37

  • "Set Me Free" (1968)

  • "She Called Me Baby" Country

  • "The Most Beautiful Girl" (1973) Country #1

  • "There Won’t Be Anymore" (1973) Country #1

  • "Who Will The Next Fool Be" (1970) Pop #67

Precious Gems

There are so many great Charlie Rich songs. Most of the precious gems we’ve listed didn’t chart at the time of their release. All they did was manage to transcend the fickle nature of time to become classic tunes, recognized for their ability to touch the heart and move the spirit. Most were penned by Charlie. Each is an essential part of any Charlie Rich collection.

  • "Anywhere You Are" (Pictures and Paintings)

  • "Don’t Put No Headstone On My Grave" (The Sun Sessions; Pictures and Paintings)

  • "Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High)" (Pictures and Paintings)

  • "Feel Like Going Home" (Pictures and Paintings; demo on Feel Like Going Home)

  • "Finally Found Out" (Lonely Weekends/A Time for Tears; The Early Years/The Memphis Sound; Feel Like Going Home)

  • "Have a Heart" (Boss Man, Feel Like Going Home)

  • "I Miss You So" (Set Me Free; Feel Like Going Home)

  • "Let Me Go My Merry Way" (Big Boss Man; Feel Like Going Home)

  • "Midnite Blues" (Lonely Weekends/A Time for Tears; The Sun Sessions)

  • "No Home" (Feel Like Going Home)

  • "Ol’ Man River" (Big Boss Man)

  • "Pictures and Paintings" (Pictures and Paintings)

  • "River Stay Away From My Door" (Big Boss Man; Feel Like Going Home)

  • "Sittin’ and Thinkin’" (Lonely Weekends/A Time for Tears; The Sun Sessions; Feel Like Going Home

  • "Were You There" (Silver Linings)

  • "Why, Oh Why" (Big Boss Man; Feel Like Going Home)

  • "You Never Really Wanted Me" (Behind Closed Doors; Feel Like Going Home)

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