If you’d like to learn more about Charlie Rich, there’s plenty of resources out there. He’s been the subject of countless articles, interviews, and books over the years. We’ve listed a few of our favorites, which you should be able to locate without much trouble.

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Feel Like Going Home
-by Peter Guralnick

Music historian Peter Guralnick, noted for his acclaimed biographies of Elvis (Last Train to Memphis and Careless Love) and the wonderful Sweet Soul Music, earlier in his career paid tender homage to many of his blues and rock ‘n’ roll heroes in Feel Like Going Home (1971). In the book’s insightful and sometimes humorous final chapter, Peter weaves Charlie’s story with an interview with Charlie and his wife, Margaret Ann, at a Memphis nightspot. The piece poignantly captures the disappoint and frustration that preceded his "superstar" years. Also offered are excellent portraits of Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Sam Phillips, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

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Good Rockin’ Tonight
-by Colin Escott with Martin Hawkins

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Good Rockin’ Tonight is the definite story on Sun Records and the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. That’s definitive with a capital "D." To be expected, there’s a wealth of information on all the legendary performers discovered and recorded by founder Sam Phillips. There’s Howlin’ Wolf, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis. Bringing up the rear, only because he was the last of the Sun greats, is Charlie Rich. Charlie’s creative Sun years, a byproduct of his Arkansas roots and experiences, are presented in the context of the studio’s overall importance to the history of American music. Great stuff!

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Lonely Weekends
-by Hank Davis

Lonely Weekends is actually the beautifully designed, well-conceived booklet that accompanies the CD, Lonely Weekends The Sun Years: 1958-1963. This booklet alone should assuage any qualms you might have had about forking out the cash for a 3-CD package. Sandwiched between the gorgeous photographs, the selected track commentaries, the complete Sun discography, and enlightning quotes, is a biography chock full of interesting anecdotes. Did you know that Charlie didn’t play piano on his greatest hit, "Behind Closed Doors"? Or that Charlie’s first instrument was a guitar? Kudos to Hank and the staff at Bear Family records.

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Fresh Air® with Terry Gross
-An Interview with Charlie Rich

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Fresh Air®, the Peabody Award-winning magazine of contemporary arts and issues that is heard on National Public Radio (NPR), interviewed Charlie Rich on September 3, 1992. The full 22-minute interview is now available for your listening pleasure via the internet.

Interview with Charlie Rich


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