Charlie Rich, Jr. is a note off the ol’ score, so to speak. Like his country music superstar father and namesake, Charlie was born and raised in Arkansas deltalands, deeply immersed in the rich, musical traditions of family and community before he bopped into Memphis to hone his musical chops in the cradle of American music.

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It didn’t take long for Charlie to develop into an accomplished songwriter . . . so much so that his father included a marvelous take on his "You Never Really Wanted Me" on his legendary Behind Closed Doors album. He also had recorded several fine albums for Epic and Columbia by age 20. Since then he’s had numerous national and regional successes as instrumentalist and member of Black Tie, a Los Angeles-based group that had a number of songs hit the charts in the early 90’s.

Nowdays, Charlie balances a busy national touring schedule, performing with the likes of Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Freddy Fender, and recording sessions in some of Nashville’s premier studios, with a full-time songwriting career. Lately, he’s been co-writing with A.J. Masters (who wrote Faith Hill’s "Love Ain’t Like That") and Greg Crowe (who co-wrote the #1 Montgomery-Gentry hit "Lonely and Gone").

Charlie is modest to a fault. He’s quick to tell anyone that he’s not "the next Charlie Rich (Sr.)." Perhaps not. Each of us is unique unto ourself. But talent abounds in Charlie. His father’s deft piano skills and voice and both parents’ wonderful songwriting capacity is fully realized in one dynamite musical package.


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