Lonely Weekends / A Time For Tears

  • Collectables

  • Originally Released in album format in 1970-71 by Sun Records Sam Phillips, Bill Justis & Charles Underwood, producers

• Available from Tower Records

For those who like their Charlie rockin’, Lonely Weekends/A Time For Tears is a great place to start. This recently released 2-fer serves up 22 hot tunes from the Sun Records era that were later compiled on two early 70’s albums, Lonely Weekends (Sun 110) and A Time For Tears (Sun 123). Self-penned classics abound, including his first big hit, the driving "Lonely Weekends," the poignant "Sittin’ and Thinkin’, which chronicles the bone-weary sadness of an alcoholic, and the bouncy, sadistic pleasure a former lover displays when hearing his -ex has been dumped in "Finally Found Out." Under no circumstances should you miss "Who Will the Next Fool Be."

Lonely Weekends

  1. Lonely Weekends *

  2. Unchained Melody

  3. Stay *

  4. C.C. Rider *

  5. Rebound **

  6. That’s How Much I Love You *

  7. Who Will The Next Fool Be *

  8. Big Man

  9. I Need Your Love *

  10. Break-Up *

  11. Sittin’ And Thinkin’ *

A Time For Tears

  1. Gentle As A Lamb *

  2. The Wedding’s Over *

  3. You’re Gonna Be Waiting *

  4. Midnight Blues *

  5. My Heart Cries For You

  6. Goodbye Mary Ann *

  7. Finally Found Out *

  8. Baby I Need You *

  9. It’s Too Late

  10. I’ve Lost My Heart To You *

  11. My Baby Done Left Me *

*written by Charlie Rich
**written by Charlie Rich and Bill Justis


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