Charlie Rich was bestowed with about as much musical talent as can be packed into the 6’ 2" frame of any one man. Sublimely honest singer. Gifted songwriter. An understated master of the keyboard.

For much of his career, however, Charlie’s achievements were neither the type recognized among black ties and camera glare nor the gold records and multi-platinum albums that should have obscured several very large walls. All that came later. Instead, Charlie received the terribly profound gifts of reflection and withering pain, of self doubt, of struggle, of longing and a sense of place, of the need to love and the need to be redeemed. Amid the turmoil--and the occasional hit--he received his greatest gifts: the unending loving relationship with his wife, Margaret Ann, and their four beautiful children.

But a talent like Charlie’s cannot go unappreciated forever. Eventually he hit it big, becoming a country music superstar. Did he hit ever! Take a look at this partial list of awards Charlie received once his talents were fully recognized:

Academy of Country Music Awards

  • Album of the Year for "Behind Closed Doors" (1973)

  • Male Vocalist of the Year (1973)

  • Single Record of the Year for "Behind Closed Doors" (1973)

GRAMMY® Awards

  • Best Country Male Vocal Performance for "Behind Closed Doors" (1973)

GRAMMY® Hall of Fame
(A very special honor that recognizes recordings of lasting, qualitative, or historical significance)

  • "Behind Closed Doors" Inducted 1999 Charlie Rich (Epic, 1973)

Country Music Association Awards

Golden Globe Awards

American Music Awards

Golden Boot Awards
(given by RCA Records)

American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers

Radio Programmers of America

American Guild of Variety Artists

National Association of Recording Merchandisers

  • Best Selling Male Country Artist (1973)

University of Memphis Amphion Award
(Prestigious local award given annually to only one recipient)

  • Outstanding Achievement in Music (1994)


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